My name is Nato.

Pronounced NAH-toe (not NAYTO)

People usually have a lot of questions about the way I grew up.

My parents met right before my mom graduated from college. My dad was just finishing up repairs to a 64’ Thai junk sailboat. They decided to get married and sail around the Caribbean. And then two years in, I came along. They docked in Bonaire, my mom’s favorite island, and so began my childhood.I grew up living in that sailboat and on that island. I spent my days with my pet goat Petunia and exploring the ocean. I met people from all over the world and was raised trilingual, speaking English, Dutch and Papiamentu. But the language that embedded itself the deepest into my soul was the one of adventure.

My parents gave me this gift. They created a belief in me that dreams are not distant; they are attainable. I learned how to live boldly, with reckless abandon. They showed me that pure, unadulterated love breeds a life of adventure.

I can’t describe how grateful I am to my clients for allowing me to witness such strength and commitment. I feel humbled and delighted to be trusted with these memories.

What am I up to now?